Famous Leather Jackets from Movies

Everyone wants to look as rebellious as Marlon Brando in his leather jacket as he looks in The Wild One. The leather jacket has not only become a vital part of everyone’s clothing but it’s also a solid fixture on a silver screen. Whether you like biker or bomber jacket it was worn by some of the most stylish fictional characters. Here is the list of famous leather jackets from movies.

Maverick from Top Gun

This iconic shearling bomber jacket was worn by Tom Cruise in Top gun in 1986. The US Navy commissioned this iconic jacket in 1931 and it’s still cool. Tom Cruise feature the patch pilot sews on to observe their mission.

Arthur from Inception

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur has the ability of dream-sharing through which he steals corporate secrets. Instead of a regular biker or bomber jackets, Joseph wore sleek, collar jacket, cut from rich brown leather which reflected trend form the 2000s. Michael Kors leather jacket review will help you choose leather jacket of your choice.

Wyatt in Easy Rider

In search of America, two counterculture bikers travel from Los Angeles to New Orleans. Peter Fonda wore the jacket which becomes famous for its white, blue and red stripes on the right side and around sleeves. Plus stripes and stars on back.

Max Rockatansky from Mad Max

Mad Max is a story about an Australian policeman who sets out to stop violent motorcycle gang in a self- destructing world. Mel Gibson’s biker leather jacket was picked up in Australia. if you are a fan of Max Rockatansky leather jacket then you can see review of Michael Kors leather jacket review.

Chief John Anderton from Minority Report

Psychics predict the year 2054 where the special police are able to arrest criminals before they commit a crime. In this movie Chief John Anderton played by Tom Cruise wears a leather jacket which becomes famous for most people.

Here are some leather jackets worn by famous movie stars in movies. Leather jackets can cost you a fortune but you can always buy mens leather jackets on sale and become stylish alike your favorite movie star.

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